born   08.12.1973
in   Prüm
Height   183cm
Haircolour   brown
Eyecolour   blue-green
Size   94
Driving License   Class B
Languages   English (excellentt)
Dialects   Rhineland (Heimatdialekt)
    Berlin, Saxonia
Music   Singing (Musical, Oper, Barock) _ basso profundo
    Violine l Cello und Guitarre (Grundwissen)
Sports    Climbing l Ski alpine Tennis l Diving l Surfing
    Swimming l Horse-Riding l Judo
Education   Mature
    Education as Ambulanceman
    Studies of Biology and Studies of Theatre-, Film- und TV in Cologne
    private Acting-School in Cologne
    Method-Acting Workshop with Peter Mustafa Daniels
    Method-Acting Workshop with Agnes Pollner
    Work-Out I Schauspiel with Mark Zak l ifs Cologne
    Work-Out II Schauspiel with Christian Gillman l ifs Cologne
    Camera Acting Workshop with Slawomir Idziak l Academy of Media Arts Cologne
    Masterclass Filmacting with Mel Churcher l ifs Cologne